About Me

Mollie Forman grew up in New York City. She developed a passion for the arts early in life—watching movies, going to Broadway shows, and consuming literature made up the majority of her life. She brought this passion with her to Brown University, from which she graduated magna cum laude in 2016 with a degree in American Studies. Her focus, Gender and Sexuality in Film and Television, contributed to the completion of her honors thesis, an exploration of motherhood in apocalypse cinema. She currently lives in the Boston area and hopes to make a living working in non-profit arts administration.

About the Website

This site is designed to bring together all of my work that has been published on the internet—some for internships, some for university, and some simply for enjoyment. Please peruse the categories, listed in the sidebar, that are most interesting to you, and leave your thoughts in the comments section.

Blooming Twig

I interned for Blooming Twig, an indie book publishing house, in the summer of 2014. My most important duty was generating content for the blog. I was in charge of the “Books That Matter” series, dedicated to highlighting books that I believed could affect someone’s life. I also took part in free-writes designed to help market soon-to-be published books.


Bluestockings Magazine is a feminist publication based at Brown University. I served on the editorial board of the paper for about two years, as both a content editor and submissions manager.


I spent the majority of my time at university working for Post- Magazine in some capacity, most notably as Managing Editor of Online and Section Editor of Arts and Culture. A weekly culture insert in the Brown Daily Herald, Post- provided a wonderful opportunity for me to write articles on the media content I’m passionate about, and to do so in my own personal voice.


RIIFF, short for the Rhode Island International Film Festival, is one of only a few festivals in the world with Oscar-qualifying status, meaning that the winning film of their short film contest had the chance to be nominated for an Oscar. I was lucky enough to serve as a Marketing Associate for the festival in the summer of 2015. My main duty was managing the official Facebook and Twitter, but the most exciting part of my job was performing the filmmaker interviews that you can find in this category.

UMass Boston

The UMass Boston Film Series, curated by filmmaker and educator Chico Colvard, presents daring and vital documentary screenings during the academic year. All of the screenings are followed by Q&As with the filmmakers. I joined the Film Series in 2016 as the Social Media and Outreach Coordinator. My major project thus far has been the creation of a blog that recaps every screening, analyzing both the post-film discussion and the movie itself.